Teacher's Renewal Series Workshops


Teaching yoga is a privilege, and at On The Mat, that privilege is our passion.

We are constantly exploring theory and technique that help us improve how to best serve our students. Being a good yoga teacher means committing to growth; continually evolving by sharing ideas, asking questions, being in community, and seeking knowledge that will help us share yoga in a meaningful and safe way. Our Teacher’s Renewal Series workshops are for all yoga teachers who are interested in professional development, and finding support and inspiration in our very own, and very rich yoga community.

The Teacher’s Renewal Series Workshops can vary in length.  Some offer bite sized, fun, and interactive 2 hour workshops on current topics specific to teaching group classes. Other topics need more time, so we take a deeper dive, over 5-8 hours in a weekend to examine theory, foster critical discussion, and offer opportunities for practice teaching and feedback with a keen lens on the topics at hand. Whatever format works in your schedule, come and stretch your teaching muscles, find community with other people who love teaching yoga, occasionally get uncomfortable, and continue your growth as a teacher in a safe and supportive environment.



Teacher's Renewal Series - "Miscue" - A Closer Look at Alignment Cues

Event Date: 
Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday, Febraury 8 from 10:30-12:30 with Tori Jarvis Grant and Physiotherapist, Jodie Terrio - $40 plus HST

Have you been giving the same old alignment cues forever, and have forgotten why you even started using them in the first place? An appropriately delivered alignment cue can make a world of difference in not only deepening a student’s physical practice, but 

also keeping them safe and healthy.  We all have good intentions when delivering our classes, but developing a deeper understanding of the anatomy behind the pose or transition is imperative to our growth as teachers.  Join Tori Jarvis Grant and her good friend, Yogi, and Physiotherapist, Jodie Terrio for an eye opening 2 hour workshop that will dispel some alignment myths, and shed light on what is actually happening in commonly offered movements and shapes. 



Teacher's Renewal Workshop - Pelvic Floor 101 for Yoga Teachers

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7 from 10:30-12:30 with Carmen Hutt - $40 plus HST

This workshop is designed especially for yoga teachers looking to gain knowledge about the function and essence of the female pelvic floor, and how it may be influenced during movement practices.  Through the exploration of basic anatomy, breath, movements, and structural alignment, learn about what may best support your student's pelvic floor health as they move through their practice.