Classes in Big Mat (our large studio) are currently limited to 35 students, and they are limited to 12 in Little Mat (our smaller studio). When you come to class, we'll direct you to find a piece of red tape. Roll your mat back from the tape and ENJOY class.


Because some class sizes are limited, we recommend that you pre-register for classes. If you are having trouble logging in to your account, or the software is giving you trouble, please contact Tori at [email protected] or (902) 877-6064, and she will walk you through everything.


Life happens and we understand that sometimes you just can't make it. If you are going to cancel, please be respectful of other people‚Äôs time and energy, and cancel at least 1 hour before class. If you cancel within the 60 minute window, or don't show up for class (GASP - SO RUDE) you will be charged either a full class from your pass, or $10 plus HST for members and those in their Month Intro. 


Lots of our studio classes are live-streamed for your home enjoyment. Please note that if you signed up for an online class, you will receive the Google Meet link in your Booking Confirmation email.