safety protocol

Until this whole COVID thing is in our rearview mirror, we are doing things a little differently around the studio to ensure your health and safety are prioritized. Here are some of the changes to expect at OTM:


You’re going to have more of it! Classes are limited to 18 so that students can be physically distanced from one another. The teachers are also physically distanced from you, and will not be walking around the studio unless wearing a mask. When you come to class, we'll direct you to find a piece of red tape. Roll your mat back from the tape and ENJOY class.


Because class sizes are limited, you must pre-register for classes. If you are having any trouble logging in to your account, or dealing with our software, please contact Tori at [email protected] and she will walk you through everything.


Some classes are full with waitlists, so if you are going to cancel, please be respectful of other people’s time and energy, and cancel at least 3 hours before class. If you cancel within the 3 hour window, you will be charged either a full class from your pass, or $10 plus HST for members and those in their Month Intro. This also applies to those who do not show up for class.


You are not required to practice in a mask. That being said, you wll be required to wear a mask once you enter the studio, and until you are on your mat. If you forget your mask, - don't worry as we will have lots on hand to help you out.


We are cleaning all high touch surfaces with medical grade disinfectant in between classes. The doors are propped open before and after classes so you don’t have to touch the handles, and we have a sanitizing station at the front door to sanitize both upon entry and exit from the studio.


As much as it bums us out, we can no longer lend mats or props for classes. If you are ever stuck, please let us know, and we won’t leave you in the lurch, however, for the time being we are asking that everyone bring their own gear to class with them.