Ryan Young

“I’m afforded a privileged level of trust by those with whom I work, that deserves the utmost in honesty and integrity. It also necessitates a practitioner who is forever evolving as a person and consistently advancing in knowledge and refinement of their craft.” - Ryan

Ryan’s career trajectory has taken to paths less travelled by more traditional Registered Massage Therapists out of a respect for this trust.  He is a Facilitator of Movement and Performance. Whatever those mean to you! The majority of people he treats are clothed in athletic/yoga attire, so as to allow for integration of focused and timely movement throughout the session.  Sessions are focused entirely on your functional goals and not a preconceived idea of what “normal” is, where you are persistently reminded of your limitations. The focus, instead, is on helping you become increasingly proficient at what your current Ability is. This, is where true progress occurs.

Ryan spent the first five years of practice honing the manual skills he learned in training; the ability to understand what was happening in someone’s joints and tissues by the quality of what is felt underhand, at rest and during motion. This allows for an advanced understanding of what level of treatment is appropriate for the individual.  What truly separates Ryan from other therapists is his professional development. He has travelled throughout North America to learn from the best in soft tissue manipulation and science. And over the last two years has been doing the same in the realm of Human Movement.  Having been an Instructor over the last ten years, to both Massage Therapy students and Professionals alike, Ryan is well-experienced in Adult Education methods pertaining to teaching physical skills. Particularly, breaking down larger movement tasks into smaller, more attainable chunks, that can then be reassembled to establish improved proficiency within your practice.

For more information about Ryan and his style of practice, you are welcome to visit: www.youngbydesign.ca