On The Mat strives to be a studio that is both joyful to practice and teach in. We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate, and skilled instructors with extensive combined experience teaching yoga both locally and abroad. We offer an exceptionally high level of instruction, and a safe and kind guest experience for everyone who walks through our doors. We are an INCLUSIVE space. The pride flag is flown at OTM 365 days a year. We embrace the Health at Every Size approach and work toward body neutrality. We welcome respectful discussion and embrace differing opinions, but make no mistake - we stand up against bullying in all of its ugly forms. We believe every right implies a responsibility, and we seek to improve our community by listening to one another, and having our neighbour's back.

Mission Statement:

We have created a space that is authentic, open and kind. This is a place where ALL are welcome. Please come in and celebrate what makes you YOU. Breathe, move, and feel free to just be; be still, be aware, be a warrior, be sad, be real, be joyful, be grateful, be present, be connected, be open to all of life’s possibilities.