Lori-Anne Coffin (She/Her)

Lori-Anne is drawn to yoga for it's ability to ground and center both body and mind. She aims to create a calming and spacious environment for students to find freedom to breathe and move through whatever brings them to the mat. Lori-Anne believes that if you keep showing up on your mat, no matter how difficult a day you are having, you can rely on that one hour to cultivate presence; lessening heightened anxiety and stress. She believes in yoga as a holistic tool in maintaining health. With a background in nutrition, and working in the mental health field, she understands there are many facets to health and wellness and how they can compliment eachother.

In her own life, yoga as been a surprising practice of acceptance and perseverance. When not practicing yoga, Lori-Anne spends her days as counsellor supporting adults with intellectual disabilities, cooking and enjoying the company of family and friends.