Jenn King (She/Her)

Jenn began her yoga journey at 15 years old when she joined a group of women at a local community hall out of pure curiosity. These early teachings followed her up until 2011 when she decided to invest in a consistent, studio-based practice. Jenn never imagined how someone became a yoga teacher until her friend and colleague attended training. This opened up a whole new world of possibility. Jenn completed her Modo Yoga 500hr teacher training in 2014, Yin training with TAYS the following Spring, and Modo Flow teacher training in 2016.

Jenn draws heavily on her 16 years of experience as a massage therapist. This influences her sequencing, cues and serves as a strong foundation for facilitating yoga workshops - another one of her passions. Jenn’s classes are both energetic and rhythmic, weaving in themes of anatomy and accessibility throughout. Jenn emphasizes encouraging students to build their inner wisdom based on sensation and embracing the use of props and supports. The balance of effort and ease is heavily featured. Outside of teaching and practicing, Jenn adores preparing and sharing food with loved ones and she is also an avid runner, traveller and volunteer.