Corporate Yoga Sessions

Why Corporate Yoga?

The new reality of corporate life for many people is time spent behind a desk, sitting down for meetings, tasks on computers, and generally sitting in locked positions for hours a day. Introducing the practice of yoga into that environment can provide heatlhier, more positive, healthier and generally happier employees.

What does a Corporate Yoga Program look like?

On the Mat works with you to get a clear understanding of the specific needs of your workplace. We have experience teaching many different bodies, both beginner and experienced students, and those working with chronic pain and acute injuries.

Whether your workplace is looking for flow and strength, a class of restorative poses, or a combination of the two, we will design and bring a program that benefits all of the participants directly to you.

Class Sizes:

Small Group: 1 - 9 participants
Medium Group: 10 - 20 participants
Large Group: 21+ participants

Class Pricing:

Small Group: $80
Medium Group: $110
Large Group: $130