Our roots are in the corporate world. On The Mat started in 2015 with one goal in mind; we wanted to create healthier and happier employees, which in turn would create healthier workplaces. Since then, we have worked with countless organizations to reduce stress, increase productivity and boost energy levels. 

Whether your workplace is in an office building, or at home with family, On The Mat works closely with its clients to bring more space to both the mind and body. On The Mat’s teachers all have unique gifts and specialized training that ensure your company, or private group gets the best fit for your team’s needs. Whether it’s stress reduction, improving flexibility, building muscle strength, or improving mood and morale, On The Mat works with you to create a program that delivers measurable results.

Pricing varies based on group size, and location of the classes. Give us a shout or drop us a line, and let's figure out how to optimize your company's health and wellness.