I Miss You, Yoga

Dear Yoga (A Love Letter),


I feel like we’ve drifted apart - life’s been really crazy. It’s not your fault…it’s my fault. You’re great, but I just haven’t had the time to be there for you, even though you’ve always been there for me. 


My relationship with you began with some serious intensity. In my first 30 days, I went to 15 classes. Now, that’s not a pace I can keep up. I have kids and a wife and a job, and I just can’t spend all of my time at your house (the yoga studio). In the beginning, you were my top priority. In fact, you were really my only priority.  Over time, I saw you less and less. I can’t expect someone to let me treat them like that and not leave. That’s not how a relationship works… except for with you.


The mat is always there. I can’t hurt the mat’s feelings. The mat doesn’t get jealous because the mat is there 100%, for me. And I feel pretty damn great when I DO go to the mat.  I digress…


When I go a week without touching base with someone I love, I’m sad. But more importantly, I feel guilty. So I don’t call them because a week turns into two and two weeks turns into a month, all because I feel guilty. 


I must admit, this is where I’m at with you right now, yoga. I feel guilty that I didn’t come see you this week. I KNOW you’re not mad at me - it’s all in my head. And yet, I might not go next week because, again, I feel guilty. Summer comes and schedules are difficult so I keep not going, and I feel like now I can’t go at all because, “what will you (yoga) think?”


The truth is that it’s ok to come in and out of a practice. It’s ok to miss that class that you always go to. Will anyone notice?  Maybe, but not in a judge-y way…more in a, “where has that awesome person been?” kind of way. No one will ask you why it took so long for you to show your face again, or why you didn’t call.  Instead, yoga will just be there, waiting for you. 


It’s fine if you don’t go to yoga.  Just don’t stay away forever.  Yoga will always love you.


See you on the mat,


Mike Tanner @oneredcatmedia