Corporate Yoga - Good Karma

This week I received a lovely email from a teacher of mine congratulating me for On The Mat. It was the kind of email that you save in a very special online folder to be taken out and read on those days when you are feeling a little less than fabulous. In the email she pointed out that On The Mat is good karma because it is bringing wellness to the corporate world. A world that, for the past couple of years, hadn’t been feeling incredibly “well” for me. I began thinking about the notion of karma, and how it works in our bodies, our minds and lives. Karma is a hippy dippy word…let’s face it, the word “karma” does not translate well to the boardroom. It evokes images of chanting, flower crowns and possibly some patchouli. To me, however, “karma” means living ethically, behaving in a way that aligns with your personal mission statement, and being rewarded with happiness in some form.  

Successful companies know the importance of mission statements, and employing best practices within the workplace that support the overall beliefs of the company. Voila - Bringing yoga to work is good karma! How simple is that? Yoga helps employees sleep better, perform better at work, and go to work more. It lowers blood pressure and stress levels, and improves morale. What do employers get back? Happier and healthier employees.  

Good karma. Give employees the best environment to work in; one where they can breathe, thrive, move, be healthy, and in return, they will happily give their employers more of themselves. Seems like a pretty fair trade-off to me.