The Chronicles of a Yoga Teacher...Lost in a Sea of Other Yoga Teachers

The chronicles of a yoga teacher... lost in a sea of other yoga teachers.

The hardest part is done, you are here. I will be guiding you through the invariably confusing first year of your yoga teaching career.

Table of contents
Month One: anticipation.
Month Two: survival.
Month Three: survival.
Month Four: SMALL moment of bliss.
Month Five: disillusionment.
Month Six: disillusionment.
Month Seven: disillusionment.
 Month Eight: disillusionment.
Month Nine: disillusionment.
 Month Ten: rejuvenation.
Month Eleven: reflection.
Month Twelve: anticipation.

Chapter One: anticipation

You have just been handed an envelope. It validates the whirlwind of emotions you have endured over what seems like years. Prepare to romanticize the coming weeks. I will deem it “the bubble love” phase. NOTHING can stop the propulsion of confidence and heightened sense of ego as you begin to schedule and dream of how your first “real world” class will go.

Chapter Two: survival

A sea of overwhelm surges your WAY TOO JAM PACKED SCHEDULE. You have become the “yes” man. Saying YES to any and all opportunities to gain experience while completely forgetting that you already work a 40 hour week (hindsight, this was one of my best decisions). YES, there is ego here. You see your peers becoming regulars at studios. You need to become a regular at a studio. You are consumed by the ROUTINE of teaching, little time for reflection on the experience.

 Chapter Three: disillusionment

You are exhausted from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual commitments of creating competent classes. What about this cue? Is this alignment safe? What about this feedback that this yoga teacher’s best friend’s mom gave me? OH, and don’t forget hands on assists. How is your knowledge of anatomy? You ARE moving bodies after all. The discovery? You know absolutely nothing; you are completely less than (not really). You become apathetic and begin to question if this is the right path for you.

Chapter Five: rejuvenation

It has almost been a FULL year of teaching at this point. Maybe you are finally on holiday. This is where you begin the slow ascent back to the anticipation phase. You gain a better understanding of the yoga teaching world, the system and how it operates... ACCEPTANCE about the realities of teaching.

Chapter Six: reflection

One full year has passed. Who is left standing next to you? What challenges have you overcome? You realize how great you have it. This journey is death of the ego, peeling back the numerous layers that are COMPLETELY unrelated to yoga, the journey back to your core, your authentic self.

The truth is, the cycle of challenge is inevitable and ever evolving. You will face the mirror that is yourself, long before you ever step into a studio to teach your first class. This mirror only expands to reflect your inner being as you begin to stand in front of a room of strangers. Let them teach you. Let them move you. Nothing is a coincidence.


Meg Scanlan