Child's Pose in the Boardroom

Wouldn’t it be great?  A meeting starts off with the best of intentions, and then all of a sudden someone says something you were not expecting.  That something is quite contrary to what you were actually planning.  Rude!  How dare the world not go according to my plan at all times.  You’re mojo is thrown off, and the perfect facade of cool togetherness starts to unravel.  You can literally feel your deodorant failing you with every spoken word.  

BAM - Child’s Pose!  If only it were acceptable to say “peace out adult world”, fall to the floor, curl up in to a tiny ball, retreat back your breath, and find some space.

The longer I practice yoga, the more I recognize that the practice itself is about finding and creating space.  Space is easy to find in moments where everything goes according to plan.  My daughter eats her peas, passes me her plate and says “Thank you for the delicious dinner perfect Mommy.  I am so grateful for everything you do for me and our family.”  So.  Much. Space.  That, scenario, however, has only ever happened in my head.  What usually happens is that my daughter refuses to eat her peas, she then proceeds to spill them on the floor in a valiant and creative effort designed to distract me from the fact she is not eating her peas AGAIN.  She then runs upstairs, shuts her door, and tell me that she needs privacy.  WHAT?  No.  Space.  At.  All.  

Yoga gives people the tools to find space in moments where the best laid plan fails and peas are spilled.  In yoga we practice finding our breath over and over, so that when life gets challenging, finding our breath and taking a moment is what actually happens.  It moves us from reaction to response.  A valuable tool in the boardroom…and my dining room.  So, until taking a child’s pose in the boardroom becomes socially acceptable (a girl can dream) there is yoga, and what we practice on the mat, enables us to find space off the mat.