Change is Good???

Are you wondering about the question marks?  Yes, me too.  You see, I am a person who usually gets a kick out of change.  It’s exciting, and sexy.  Change is an opportunity to learn, grow, see new things, and meet strange and wonderful people.  So why the question marks? 

To be honest with you, change has never taken on a form like this before.  It’s never been a new business.  My new business.  My third baby - and it’s name is On The Mat.  The first two babies are fantastic little humans who love me despite all of my faults.  They are kind and sweet, and quite frankly, they are just plain nicer than me.  

The new baby, however, comes with a lot of uncertainty.  This one is going to require a different kind of effort.  My love, and off key rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle” won’t be enough.  On The Mat is about to be born.  I’ve never given birth to a business.  Exciting, terrifying, life altering, and like the first two births…probably a little painful. 

But today I am choosing to be excited.  I don’t know what the next year will look like, and as much as that notion scares me, I think it’s a good thing to occasionally be outside of your comfort zone.  I’ve heard that good stuff happens out here.

Here’s to change - Happy Birthday On The Mat!