Anna Von Maltzahn (She/Her)

Anna comes from a background in competitive sport, and yoga came into Anna’s life as a valuable practice in adapting a mindset more greatly oriented in process, than in achievement and result. Anna finds that yoga cultivates a greater sense of adaptability and resilience in facing the inevitable challenges and unpredictability of life.  She is a strong believer in the joy of physical movement - that there can be ease in finding a way to move each day without exercise feeling like a burden.  


Anna loves the challenge that yoga can offer - pushing a limit or comfort zone is similar to the experience of sport, with the addition of the more subtle connection that cultivates between body and mind. The nuanced curiosity that yoga generates when it comes to our present state is what Anna finds to be the real gold of the yoga practice and is what she aims to take home from the studio when it comes to living mindfully both on and off the mat. Beyond her individual practice of yoga, Anna is lit up by the sense of community that yoga generates in her life. Showing up for a class and seeing friendly familiar faces is often as uplifting and powerful to her as the practice itself.